5 ways to collect model cars

5 ways to collect model cars
1. Historical purchase order method:

   Collect according to the development and production time of the car, and study the evolution and development process of the car (including the development of appearance, engine, etc.). Experience the mainstream of modern human civilization development from the modeling trends of different periods and the historical background at that time. The development of automobiles is also the epitome of modern human science and technology and social development.
2. Perfect collection method (personal style method):
   Model car collectors can find out the models and styles that suit their tastes from more than 100 years of car history based on their own view of perfection, so as to achieve a collection of self-expression.
3. Process appreciation method:
   The collection is classified according to the manufacturer of the simulation car, aiming to pursue the perfect combination of simulation degree, texture, craftsmanship and structure of the collection.
4. Hands-on transformation method:
   Transform the simulation car, such as repainting, attaching decorative film, even changing parts, inserting, and opening the canopy, seeking the pleasure of manufacturing and the satisfaction of success.
5. The single-use method:
    Among Yunyun collectors, there are many who express their own unique style. The author knows a female journalist who specializes in collecting various types of locomotives. There is a senior in Taiwan who has a special liking for real cars in addition to over 10,000 model cars. Don’t you see that there is also a “car idiot” in Hong Kong who has collected dozens of old real cars. Many professionals can be described as happy and dedicated, specializing in collecting treasures related to their own occupations. For example, firefighters like fire trucks, friends in the construction industry specialize in engineering vehicles, and the employees of public bus agencies naturally receive public buses and even bus accessories. For example, the nameplates of real cars, bus stops, route maps, bus tickets, and ticket machines are all available for collection, and people, things, and emotions are integrated.
model cars
    The development of model car products can not only be used for publicity and promotion activities, but also cannot be used as collectors’ collections or gifts for relatives and friends. Whether it is from brand to variety, various proportions to models, simple colors to complex exterior decorations, you have to be unique and insightful to make a wise choice. It is "good at collecting, noble sentiment"!