Analysis of Automobile Model 's Precautions

Car model display cabinet need a certain light source, in order to let the body to achieve the effect of shiny. In order to increase the light refraction, it is best to use the mirror in the display cabinet, so that it is advantageous for the vehicle under the display cabinet to be illuminated by light. The
But the car model should not be exposed to long-term direct sunlight, do not use the traditional small spotlights long-term exposure. The traditional bowl-shaped small spotlights of the high temperature, hot hands are afraid to touch, direct exposure to the car model, the long past will cause damage to the paint, such as color deviation, and even possible paint blistering and so on, and Will cause the wheel and plastic parts aging, deformation, wrinkle, rubber tires easy to oxidize, resulting in heat dissolution. As a general car model collectors, there is no need to engage in a special light source to do the museum-style display. If you want to play when you want to see the light effect, get a lamp is enough.
Of course, for the possession of many, economic conditions permit, there are special display showcases of the collectors, hoping to buy lighting effects, you can consider the power of small, relatively low temperature energy-saving spotlights, it rarely produces heat, each only 7 watts about. At the same time, placed in the showcase a small glass of water, is conducive to ease the dry and electrostatic effects.