Four great magic to identify the simulation model of the car model

Identify a model car grade, there are several ways:
1, see manufacturers: the world's famous car model manufacturers have the United States Franklin and MBI, they produce 1:24 model car-based, of which the majority of classic cars, and now developed a number of new cars, the famous Rolls-Royce Sri Lanka series and 007 chariot are from the hands of these two manufacturers, the Japanese business to produce 1:18 BMW car series, unique packaging is unique, is the first entry of the enthusiasts of one of the varieties of promising. Germany He Bao and Paul's model company to produce 1:43 cars and modern car-based, the current domestic collection enthusiasts are their products, and the above model can produce 1: 64,1: 32,1: 16 tractor-based.
2, see the number: a good car models generally limited, code sales, the less the number of issued more valuable, for example, in the domestic car model Deng Xiaoping red flag review car limited edition 9999, the sale is nearing completion. This car from last year's more than two thousand yuan rose to the current three thousand dollars, if you stop selling it will appreciate. The United States Franklin production of European brands happy birthday, Susan antique car, is said to auction in Hong Kong to more than a thousand yuan. There are 68 years in the air streamers drag trailer, it is rare treasures, there is no price goods, it is said that the number of the world, but hundreds of Taiwan.
3, see parts and quality: the general number of parts of the car model has sixty or seventy, for the collection of car parts more than one hundred, less than 300 kinds of processes, as many as 500 kinds.
Most of the dozens of large and small parts have been carefully crafted, especially the body paint, car instrumentation, tires and other parts of the car is an important basis for inspection grade, and some models even on the instrument panel on the English letters are clearly visible, Of the figures and patterns clear, exquisite workmanship chic, it is amazing, love, this is excellent Jiapin.
4, to see the function and age: the more features, the higher the value, the general four-door car than the two open the door to the high price. Can be described as a popular leader, for a long time to sell, the price is high, because of its function, four doors can be opened, and the door automatically closed, plus Passat's fame, Sales of domestic models called the first car. Dongfeng Jinlong car model in the function is unique, even the window glass can be hand lift, which is rare in the car sector.