How to better collect the domestic car model

I believe many people love domestic car models, most of them are like me, like the "side of the car" in the bag. In the outdoors often see their own home also "owned" models, in retrospect that kind of intimacy is indeed more special.
Speaking of car models collection, we must first have a simple understanding of domestic car models. A domestic car, it is produced from the off the assembly line, to the car model, there is a certain period, usually half a year. In this cycle, by the manufacturers to provide the original car data drawings, and even a car to the car factory. Car model factory according to the relevant data to produce a hand version, after the completion of the car back to the car manufacturers. Depot and then according to the original car data check the proportion of the details. If not accurate, need to be sent back to the mold factory plus a improvement. This pre-process usually takes two to three months. Hand model of the car is appropriate to open a mold to produce a prototype car, issued to the car manufacturers to confirm the signature, the sample will be sealed. After the production of the car model will be a model car as a standard. Of course, there are a few car models and real cars are almost the same time listed, such as Dongfeng Nissan Xiao Qiao. This is mainly in the manufacturers to determine the real car to be produced at the same time the production of pre-production work.
At present, the domestic car model is often a manufacturer according to their own needs to do a market, due to the growing popularity of car model culture, the car manufacturers also have a high attention to the car. So now a lot of domestic car models common feature is the "multi-function", not just confined to the "four doors, before and after the cover can be opened" stage. Skylights, fuel tank cover can be opened, the interior of the seat can be active, and even made a spare tire and jack ... ... and so the details of the rich, leaving more and more people love the car models.
Domestic car models also have their drawbacks. Domestic car manufacturers commissioned car factory production of domestic models is not specifically to do sales, the outside world is generally difficult to get accurate news, after all, this car model will not be out, what is the main flow in what channels, if there is sales, What will be the price. This is more difficult to understand the outside world. Moreover, some car manufacturers in order to control the cost of manufacturing molds, introduced to the car models are more "reluctantly", work and the three brands have a relatively large gap.
Domestic car model style, a large number, how to better collect the domestic car model it, here simply talk about my personal thoughts for some of the students just getting started reference:
1, the brand collection method: the current domestic car manufacturers are not the product line as large as foreign manufacturers. So, to get a domestic brand of car models, composed of a series is obviously much simpler. For example, I would like to first receive the domestic Toyota series, Shanghai Volkswagen series, Dongfeng Nissan series, or independent brand series and so on. When you get a series, that sense of accomplishment naturally needless to say;
2, the level of collection law: In addition to the collection of brand series, can also be based on the level of the model, type collection. Such as: in the high-end administrative level car, received the sounds of nature, LaCrosse, Camry, MAGOTAN and so on in the high-class cars; or received the Corolla, Civic, Sagitar this level of family cars get together, put together to be a contrast. Own or relatives and friends to buy a car may also be able to send "useful" in order to add the collection of fun, enjoying themselves? Similar to the domestic SUV series, MPV series, and even truck series ... ...
3, the history of collection law: With the domestic car, naturally, the history of domestic cars. Players can also be based on history to collect some of the historical models, such as Dongfeng Jinlong, Hongqi CA770, Shanghai brand SH760 and so on. The history of domestic cars into their own cabinets ... ...
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Of course, a lot of things are a matter of opinion, the above is only personal humble opinion, if we have more detailed information, or more perfect collection method, the thread said ... ... everyone with the perfect!
Finally have to emphasize, no matter what car models, do not blindly to the number of pursuit, the value of comparison. With a healthy attitude to treat the collection, it will not because of the collection to bring their own too much pressure, so as to really enjoy the fun of the collection. Or that sentence, told that they already have a N car models, rather than only N units, so that will be much happier.