How to properly maintain resin model cars?

One, save and place

  No hanging in the air: Place it in a place that is not easy for children to reach, so as not to accidentally drop the resin model cars. Not only is the damage to the car model, it is more likely to hurt the children.

  Prohibit high-temperature exposure: Do not expose to direct sunlight or high-spotlights for a long time, which may cause aging, deformation, and cracking of painted wheels and plastic parts. Rubber tires are easy to oxidize and cause thermal dissolution.

   Avoid humid environment: If zinc alloy resin model cars are placed in a relatively humid place for a long time, the alloy of the body will be easily oxidized, causing black spots, blistering on the paint surface, etc., so try to keep the environment dry.

      Tires hanging in the air: The weights of models produced by different resin model cars manufacturers are not the same. For heavier car models that need to be placed for a long time, it is best to use plexiglass or small wooden blocks to raise the wheels to prevent the tires from turning into "horizontal feet" or sticking to the base. Leave the box: This not only affects the viewing degree of the model, but more importantly, it will directly affect the value of the resin model cars collection and the resale price.

2. Appreciate and play
      Don't use too much force: high-simulation resin model cars are assembled with many parts, some parts are very small, so they must be anti-falling, shock-proof, and anti-pressure. Be careful when you do it, and don't use too much force. Cause parts damage
      Professional door opener: If you can't find a professional door opener for a while, you can use a postcard or a plastic sheet with a certain degree of hardness instead. Because long-term use of both hands to open the door will cause great damage to the body paint, and may even pull the door.

Three, maintenance
       Removal of dust: regularly use tools such as dusting with a soft brush, hair dryer, etc. to wipe the dust on the surface of the car model.
       Paint surface waxing: Alloy resin model cars usually need to use car wax or Bi Lizhu to scrub the car surface to prevent rust after being placed for two to three months. But it should be noted that each waxing should be thin, even and less. If there is too much wax, it will easily get into the gap of the car model.