How to keep and maintain resin model car?

The first is the display method. First, the resin model car needs to be removed from the packaging box, and then placed on the shelf in the glass cabinet, sorted according to the classification, or according to the age.

The second is to like the law, that is, you need to put out some of your favorite models by category, most of which are placed in the original packaging box and then displayed in the cabinet.
 resin model car
The maintenance of resin model car should pay attention to the problem. The resin model car placed in the glass cabinet should be waxed once every 2 months to maintain the paint surface. Each waxing should not be too much and the wax cannot be dripped into the gap. .

Do not turn on the light in the glass cabinet for a long time, do not directly hit the resin model car, the temperature of the light is high, the paint surface is easy to dry, and a glass of water should be placed in the cabinet to maintain humidity. In order to reduce dust, each car model is best to put a glass cover, which will effectively prevent dust and reduce the number of cleaning.