What factors determine the product pricing of resin model cars?

Some friends ask if it has something to do with the real car? Some friends asked if it was related to the brand of the car model, and some friends asked why the price of a car of the same brand was so different.
Regarding this issue, let's discuss it with you now.

It can be said that: resin model cars manufacturers can buy Poussin for 1,000 yuan, or BMW for 100 yuan. The most important thing to determine the price of car models is the workmanship of the car models.

What is the workmanship of resin model cars:

1. The accuracy of the mold
2. Number of parts
3. The quality of spray paint
4. Process control of assembly

The above accounts for 80% of the cost of the car model. The higher the precision of the mold, the higher the cost, the greater the number of parts, the more molds that need to be developed, and the more processes that need to be painted and assembled. Painting and assembly depend on factory equipment and worker skills, which ultimately depend on the investment and management level of the factory.

The second is the copyright fee for the car model, which will be allocated to each car model. License fees for super luxury cars are expensive. The third is the number of car models issued. The greater the number of issuances, the less fixed costs to share, and vice versa, the higher the price of car models.