What is high simulation pure handmade resin model cars

Compared with soft ceramics, resin materials have the advantage of strong ductility and can be thinner and more transparent than soft ceramics. There is also its coloring effect, which can almost achieve the effect of fake and real. You can add colors directly before making, or you can add colors after finishing. After the production is completed, the resin does not need to be baked and shaped naturally, while the soft ceramic needs to be heated by the oven to be shaped.

Handmade resin car products have the advantages of high precision, good brightness, sharp edges and corners, not easy to wear, not easy to scratch, rich colors, diverse shapes and effects, and environmental protection and naturalness.

3. Features of high-simulation quality resin model cars:

1. The production of resin cars requires high manual craftsmanship, and it is difficult for the general car model production craft to achieve high simulation effects.

2. Resin model cars can be produced in small and medium batches, because the production of resin model cars is entirely manual, so generally the production batch is relatively small.

3. The production cycle of manual resin model cars is short, because resin model cars do not need time for production and mold opening, only the photos and dimensions of related cars can be produced by hand, and the output of manual resin model cars is relatively relatively high. Therefore, the production cycle is short, which can quickly realize the mass production of car models for car brand owners or car concept owners.

4. Because the handmade resin car uses resin materials, it can reach a high level in terms of product quality (including paint gloss, fineness, texture, detail display, etc.). It can be used in the simulation of car models. Achieve super high simulation.

5. The handmade resin car is non-toxic because of the environmental protection nature of its materials.

4. Applicability of manual resin model cars:

1. Manual resin model cars are suitable for car brand manufacturers or car concept owners to quickly create high-simulation car model entities.

2. Because of its high simulation performance and excellent texture, handmade resin is more suitable for creating ultra-high simulation car models, and it can also show the appearance or performance of the car better and more realistically in a very small scale.