What is the specific structure of the auto car model

The auto car model is a scale model that is strictly scaled down according to the shape, structure, color, and even interior parts of the real car. According to incomplete statistics, in the past 90 years, car manufacturers around the world have launched tens of thousands of auto car models, breaking the monopoly of European and American production and collection of car models, and has gradually developed into a world-renowned style. Collections and investment projects.
1. The simulated car model must have the original model it represents. The original model is reduced according to a certain standard ratio. The common ratios are 1/12, 1/18, 1/24, 1/43 and 1/87, etc. The accuracy of the original car ratio is one of the important standards to measure the manufacturing level of a car model. The size design of toy cars can be large or small, very random.

2. In order to faithfully reproduce the real car, the model maker will not make any changes to the appearance of the prototype car.
The slightest modification and exaggeration will not imagine a car out of thin air. Many toy cars may also imitate a real car, but manufacturers often make random modifications according to the customer's preferences and the technical level of production, which is very arbitrary. Toy designers can also give full play to their imagination to launch cars that are not available in reality, but this kind of imagination is "not allowed" for the model. In addition to the overall appearance, the auto car model should also be highly simulated in detail. Often the entire car model is composed of hundreds or more parts. Each part is a reduction of the corresponding parts of the original car model. The more parts of the car model, the more parts The finer the score, the higher the production process of this car model. The detailed expression of toy cars is far from the level of auto car model, many details are ignored or made with the same piece of material.

3. The car model is made of high-grade metal, plastic or resin materials, and the processing technology requirements are relatively high, and the requirements for painting must almost reach the level of a real car. Car model with all doors and front and rear covers that can be opened

4. If the car model manufacturer wants to make a model of a certain car model, it must be authorized by the original manufacturer, otherwise the intellectual property rights are infringed, and the car model manufacturer may have to pay a certain fee. In order to manufacture high-precision models, manufacturers also need to obtain technical support from the original manufacturer and provide accurate data. These are not needed by toy designers.